Thursday, April 30, 2009

Growing an Apple Arbor - A True Piece of Art

I visited a nursery in Duvall over four years ago called Box Hill Farm and spotted the most amazing apple arbor along one of their garden pathways. I loved it on the spot and was pleasantly surprised to find they had directions on how to create one.

By the way, this turned out to be a very successful day for me since I also got my red twig dogwood start for a $1 at the Jr. High plant sale in Carnation. It's BEAUTIFUL now.

I kept the directions for at least a year (maybe two) until I moved into my charming little house. This is when I found the perfect spot in the front yard where it could frame the edge of the lawn perfectly. It's difficult to capture the true beauty of the apple arbor in a photo - especially since I have it planted in front of a very large hedge. But to give you an idea, the picture (middle left) shows how my apple arbor looked the second year.

I also love my apple arbor because it looks like an amazing piece of art in the winter and even in the fall. You can even see how much the arbor has filled out.

This picture (right) was taken this past winter - the arbor is now three years old.

You can click on the directions (on the left) to see a larger view and print.

They can't possibly mind me passing the directions along four + years later. Here's a link to their site if you want more information about their nursery.

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  1. I cannot believe it's been that long since our visit to Box Hill. I remember buying my beautiful olive tree--that poor olive tree is in our front dead but I'm afraid after two harsh cold winters it is dead. It makes me sad!
    Your arbor looks amazing! I hope to sit and enjoy it sometime this summer. --Michelle