Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Northern California Garden Tour

This past weekend Travis and I took a little road trip to Northern California to meet some great folks I met on Twitter. This may sound strange to some of you, but it seemed perfectly normal to me. After all, I met Travis online just over three years ago.

Our total trip was from Wednesday night to Monday night; driving time was a little over 11 hours each way. We arrived at Carri's home in Sacramento Thursday night -- just in time for the first tweet-up with Katie and Kristi. It was great chatting face to face. Carri and her family were fantastic hosts and took us to many sites around Northern California during our three day visit.

It all started Friday with two garden tours and a Filoli tweet-up.

We started the day in Laura's garden and ended it there under the red umbrella - drinking limoncello.

Click here to see Laura's garden.

Rebecca's garden was our second garden tour that morning.

Click here to see Rebecca's garden.

Laura, Rebecca, Carri, Travis and I then met Chuck at Filoli (Fight, Love, Live) gardens.

Click here to see Filoli garden.

Saturday morning we hung around Carri's home and garden. We even got to see the plans for her new front yard!

For lunch we headed to Napa Valley to check out the wineries and do a little vino tasting.

Click here to see the Napa pictures.

Sunday morning Travis and I headed home. We took the long way through San Francisco so we could check out some of the sites.

Click here to see our San Francisco and Muir Redwood pictures.

We stayed Sunday night in Ashland, Oregon and pulled into our driveway Monday afternoon around 5:30 p.m.

It was a great trip - next time we fly.


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. What a wonderful time it must have been. The gardens of Laura and Rebecca are fabulous. I loved seeing the details. Great photos!

  3. It was great to meet the two of you. Yay Twitter! That is definitely a long drive. :D