Thursday, April 23, 2009

Discovering the Belltown P-Patch

In middle of a bustling city, we found a garden sanctuary with tile mosaic walls, beautiful iron fences and therapeutic patches of dirt - ready for planting.

The Belltown P-Patch is located on the corner of Elliot and Vine - nestled between condominiums, businesses and a warehouse.

You're welcomed by a beautiful tile mosaic staircase that leads to a whimsical garden and a view of Puget Sound.

An iron fence surrounds the garden with designs including onions, leaves and various garden tools.

Pathways weave around the personal spaces set aside for each gardener. Artwork, trellises, and edging help make each space special.

I'm happy this patch of land was saved and the view wasn't used to build more condominiums - that would've been a waste. Click here to read more about the garden and how they got started.

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